Saturday, October 25, 2008

Defence against aggressive dogs

So, where can someone go when they have aggressive dogs. Many different resources are available to provide help for people with aggressive pets and help can come in many forms, and the effectiveness of each of these resources depends on the person and the urgency of help needed.

Getting help first begins with the owner trying to figure out what is causing the aggressiveness. For instance, if the behavior comes from a medical condition, a veterinarian will be the best help. It doesn't matter whether a dog needs behavior modification or medical treatment for it's aggressive behaviors, there is a range of resources providing assistance to people. That is why knowing the reasons behind the aggression will make it easier to find the right help . If there is not a medical reason, help is available through qualified trainers.

The next line of defense against getting an aggressive dog is a well organized training program that integrates every member of the family including animals previously ensconced in your house.Training an aggressive dog is a challenge and can prove to be expensive, but it is a small price to pay when you consider you'll be saving your Pit's life and possibly the life of some other animal or individual. The difference between the dog owner with an obedient and trained dog and the owner still living with an aggressive dog is that the successful one went threw dog raining and got results.

If there are mildly aggressive behaviors present or someone cannot afford a trainer, there are other resources to offer help for people with aggressive dogs. These methods may require more work on the owner's part, as behavior modification takes a lot of patience and time, but they can offer a good amount of help and support till you get satisfying results. Owners of aggressive dogs find that muzzling their dogs allows both of them to relax and get into the training, instead of worrying about the next attack.

Anytime your aggressive dog is outside of your house or yard he must be on leash. The best way to rehabilitate an aggressive dog is to change how he perceives the stimuli that make him anxious. A fearful, ambivalent, or aggressive dog is much more likely to produce offspring that share those characteristics than to produce mellow, self-confident and biddable offspring. Attempting to punish a dominant aggressive dog is likely to cause him to escalate his behavior in order to retain his dominant position.

Anytime your aggressive dog is outside of your house or yard he must be on leash. Keep in mind that you are responsible for reactions of your pet. At the same time if you are attacked the safest response to an aggressive dog is to remain still. Running will make things only worse. And remember that in most cases aggressive dog is most likely the result of a mean owner.

On a final note, extremely aggressive dogs should be evaluated by someone with the expertise and experience to make an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. Don't fool yourself it will go away, because as i said it is your responsibility.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why Dog Behavior Problems Can Make Them Less Enjoyable?

Every dog owner is more or less, faced with dog behavior problems . It could be as innocent as dog doesn't come when you call him, to extreme acts of aggression towards other dogs or even people. So what can you do about it?

You shouldn't waste single penny on ineffective dog trainers. By the way, did you know that 90% of all dog trainers use ineffective methods, and will actually INHIBIT your dog's ability to learn new things in future? You can't afford to follow a dog obedience training plan that isn't getting results immediately and that actually make things even worse.

Dog training secrets have been proven time and time again to works, still many owners have problems in dealing with their pets. So what’s the catch? You have to actually do it! Most people who fail, do so because they never take action.

You’ve had advice from expert dog trainers, you’ve tried their plans, you’ve spent lots of money on their services, you may have even tried electronic shock collars (did you know that they lower your dog’s immune system making them susceptible to illness?).... and now you’re reading this because all your hard work, time, and money has done you no good.

Going from "untrained, overaggressive" to "tame, fully obedient" isn’t as easy as all these so called "experts" claim it to be. After all, you’re still stuck with the same old disobedient dog.

Most dog obedience training courses are based on theories , that all rely on punishing your dog whenever he doesn’t listen. They never reveal proven strategies that show exactly how to make your dog UNDERSTAND what you are communicating to him, without forcing you to pull your hair out! They don’t discuss the most vital part of getting your dog to learn new things! (Which is making sure he understands what you are trying to get him to do!)

If you really truly want a healthy well trained dog who will LISTEN to you wherever you go... if you want to be respected by other dog owners as someone who takes great care of their dog... then there is no doubt in our mind that implementing training will work for you.

You don’t need some "scientifically calculated" dog training program based on hours of repetition that’s impossible to follow (not to mention doesn’t work). For example, anyone who tells you that if you rub your dog’s nose in his own urine to house train your dog doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Just because you rub a dog’s nose in urine doesn’t mean your dog will understand why you are doing that, or learn not to urinate inside! In fact, punishing your dog in such a way without him understanding why, will frustrate him and will stunt his learning, making it impossible to get him trained!

So what you have to do is to get yourself educated about dogs needs, habits and reason for reaction on certain things. Once you understand that, dog behavior problems will be your past and you will live happily ever after. But sooner you do it the better it will for both of you.